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TravelMatch - Professional Award Winning Travel Photography:

A warm welcome from Sri Lankan school children

Young budhhist monks on roadside taken from fast moving car with telephoto

Fishing boat in harbour at Symi monastry, Symi, Greece

Ferry departs Symi Monastry, Symi lsland, Greece

A girl prepares for an approaching  summer storm, Dhonveli Island, Maldives

As they say - “a picture is worth a thousand words” - so have a quick look for yourself at a few of our images on our Flickr Page: - or take a quick look at some images on this page that we have selected at random..

Professional photography for your online presence is no longer an option. Professional, first class digital photography is ESSENTIAL for your online presence in today’s digital marketplace. The continuing rise (and rise) of social media with its strong reliance on digital media has further reinforced this.

User Generated Content (UGC); ie: digital photography from members of your social media enabled website is an excellent way to add good imagery to your website, however you must have your own professional photographs in place first for maximum visual impact for your online presence, be it your website, facebook page or your blog. It is ESSENTIAL to make that visceral ‘first 2 second’  impact with your users or potential clients. Simply, there is no better medium to do this than a stunning photograph - or a series of amazing photographs..

It continually amazes us here at TravelMatch how often we see very expensive web-sites and other online digital platforms for clients that use - well - incredibly BAD photographs - duplicates of duplicates - saved and re-saved so often that they are nearly illegible - or for that matter - bland stereotyped photographs that have been purchased from an image library with little thought, and bear no resemblance or claim to authorship of the clients business. The whole projection of the business - no matter how large, established or professional - it is - is immediately jeopardised by this - as is the brand.

Here at TravelMatch we are NOT professional photographers; i.e.; our livelihood does NOT depend on photography. However, what we can offer is highly experienced people with excellent professional graphics and imagery skills and who also are VERY GOOD with digital photography. They also understand implicitly the travel and tourism business - how it works, what it is all about - and how best to provide the very best of images for our travel and tourism clients.
Over the last 2 years our photography has been featured by various major newspapers including the London Times, and we have highly commended in various photography competitions. We have also done photography shoots for major tourism bodies including Sri Lanka Tourism, the John Keels Hotel Group and Poppy Travel to name a few. Our work is fresh, original, energetic, and very good.

All our digital photography is shot in large format using Nikon cameras exclusively.

Please do NOT hesitate to contact us for ideas or cost for your photography project - we are a small team and VERY lean and hungry - so our overheads are kept at a minimum. You will be DELIGHTED with our costs. Try us!

* Click here for my own personal Battle of Britain experience in 2011 with the beautiful Spitfire and its Battle of Britain compatriot - the amazing Hurricane..

*Click on the image below to see samples of our great PANORAMIC & LANDSCAPE images..

Battle of Britain Hurricanes & Spitfires, Duxford, England

Photogaphy Award Finalist; 'Tough as Old Boot's'

Floating bowl in water at Cinnamon Island Resort, Maldives

Reflection in sunglasses of Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna

The White Ensign flys on Nelsons flagship: Victory,  in Portsmouth

A fiery summmer sunset in Glastonbury, England


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